Monday, February 25, 2008

Yes, Yet Another Conference (YAC): Carbon Forum America

Yes, I find myself weaving customer work between yet another conference (I suspect one could attend a 'green' conference every week of the year), but the program at Carbon Forum American conference this week in San Francisco is promising enough to justify another red-eye and long days. With strong public stances on GHG by the three remaining presidential candidates (McCain, Clinton, and Obama), it appears increasingly likely that the US will have a more active Federal GHG legislative impact in 2009-10. While I'm not a legislative and policy wonk, it seems obvious that any additional state and federal legislation will follow lessons learned in California.

Directors and program managers from the European and Chicago Carbon exchanges are speaking at the conference, along with companies and regulators involved with California Air Review Board, the new GHG mandatory reporting program in California. Importantly, the conference meets my requisite standard of at least 3 speakers from 'real" companies, companies who actually have to implement and deal with this regulation, energy efficiency, business risk, etc., presenting.

If the conference is a complete bust, the venture capital Cleantech Forum XVI is right down the street during the same days.

After 9 inches of snow in Boston on Friday, the 55 degree sunny weather in San Francisco is a welcome reprieve from the wet and icy white stuff.

More soon....

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