Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Feeding" the Green Team

Ideas for the Green Team (I'd be surprised if you only have one team)

Corporations and universities have the luxury of a very excited set of employees or students who want the help the organization use less energy and become more sustainable. One recommendation is to assign to this Green team of volunteers the task of prioritizing and executing the many energy and sustainable reduction activities which cost ZERO dollars, but make a energy, behavior and/or symbolic impact.

Assignment of these tasks to the Green Team frees up time and accountability for the Sustainability Officer, EHS team or Corporate green team to focus on activities that really make a material impact on energy usage (i.e. investment in energy efficiency, changes in product processes, changes in product design, building consolidation, etc.). We need to find ways to ensure that the employees who job description includes Carbon reduction are working on the large impact items, while keeping the energy of the employee or student base supported.

Great tasks for the Green Team of employees and students. :

Category Action
Awareness encourage all employees to buy 2 CFL bulbs for home use
Chemical reduce use of IAQ Compliant Products
Commute reduce Organize ride share program
Commute reduce flexible work arrangements
Electricity Reduce weekly or monthly publish electricity useage
Electricity Reduce weekly or monthly emails to company about current energy, paper reduction efforts, and electricity usage
Electricity Reduce "turn computer off" awareness and communication program
Electricity Reduce data center - ensure modern, energy saving equipment
Electricity Reduce data center audit to identify any used servers that are plugged in
Electricity Reduce ensuring proper maintenance
Electricity Reduce setback thermometers, other time based controls
Electricity Reduce all appliances, printers, fax, etc. are Energy Star rated
Electricity Reduce lower temp in winter, raise in summer
Electricity Reduce Employee survey
Paper reduce electronic time sheets
Paper reduce use paper that is at least 30 to 100 percent post consumer content
Purchasing, green work with suppliers, conference, travel agents, green hotels who are green
Water Reduce ensure hot water temp not more than 120
Water Reduce ensure leaks are fixed

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