Thursday, October 16, 2008

Align Communications with Big Impact Footprint/Energy Reduction Areas

Employees and students are overloaded with "be green" messages. We need to ensure that communications are aligned with the top activities which reduce energy and GHG.

At Groom Energy, we have been working with a number of colleges to improve efficiency. All have opportunities is to connect better college communications and programs to reduce Co2 Footprint and energy use. Most students probably think they are reducing Co2 footprint by going trayless in the cafeteria and recycling, because there are so many signs about this. Yet, well intentioned students go back to their dorms and leave lights and heating on (or leave windows open in classrooms during winter months). Lights and heating usually account for 70-80% of GHG footprint at colleges. Students need to also have "open window audits" along with trash audits.

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