Friday, December 19, 2008

Our new report: Enterprise Carbon Accounting is Now Available

report overview and purchase information available here

Report Overview

• An analysis of Carbon Accounting/GHG reporting trends and 40 software packages
• 71 pages, profiles of 40 vendors with 25 product screen shots
• Report helps you narrow choices for vendor evaluations in 2009

Key Findings

• Many firms expect increased regulation in States due to the new administration.
• Significant increase in the number of firms reporting, many of the large emitters do not report on voluntary basis. Pressure to report GHG increase for many firms not facing pending regulation.
• The number of firms which will calculate and report GHG is expected to quadruple in the next 2 years.
• Less than 5% of firms use commercial software. Spreadsheets will become inadequate as regulation and cross-company emissions comparisons requiring improved accuracy increase
• Ownership of GHG data in EHS, but increasingly dotted line to CFO as part of key financial reporting.
• CIO and CFO perceive risk tracking and managing sensitive data on complex spreadsheets prone to error.
• Leading EHS vendors such as ESS and IHS, offer GHG product modules. Promising new products from startups and non-EHS vendors, but not all startups are funded and not all firms have deep EHS experience.


Max Weismann said...

Hi Paul,

This looks like the right business, at the right time!

Best of luck and Merry Christmas

Max Weismann

Paul Baier said...

Max, Thanks for note. Happy New Years..Paul