Wednesday, May 13, 2009

7 Vendors Named as Early ECA Leaders

We recently updated our report of vendors who offer software tools for an organization to track, manage, and report Greenhouse Gas/carbon emissions from their operations. The report covered 51 vendors and we named 7 Early ECA Leaders.
* (listed alphabetically)
* Clear Standards
* Enviance
* Johnson Controls
* PE International
* ProcessMAP


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

We recently did a similar study, and also found most of the companies you listed. I noticed the TREES product from Tririga did not make the list, it was at the top of our GHG tracking matrix. Thanks,


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Some of the market leaders are missing from this report:

Locus Technologies (see recent Gartner Report)

Intelex (

Dakota Software


Unknown said...


Thanks for the endorsement.

In recent news, TRIRIGA won top honors in the AMR Research Leadership Award for Sustainability in the Clean Technology category.

AMR awarded TRIRIGA, HP, Dell and Better Place sustainability awards in different categories.

TRIRIGA was the only software company to win a sustainability award from AMR Research.

John Clark
Director, Climate Change Solutions