Wednesday, January 20, 2010

GHG Software Innovation Continues: 60+ Vendors Offer Solutions

GHG Software Innovation Continues. 60+ Vendors Offer Solutions -- 8 Identifed as Emerging Leaders

Over 60+ vendors now offer software to manage, track and report GHG emissions, a process we call Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA). We recently updated our ECA software vendor report and identified 8 vendors as Emerging Leaders. The New York Times wrote an excellent article about this growing market and our report. Click here to see a list of the 8 vendors, a brief report excerpt and how to order the report.

Another Company Moves to Quarterly CSR reporting
Quarterly reporting of non-financial, environmental data along with financial and operational data is an emerging practice. Sainsbury, a UK retailer, is yet another company that recently moved to quarterly CSR reporting. Timberland started this practice last year and has an impressive set of quarterly reports. While it is more burdensome, Timberland told us that of one of the benefits is that the CSR team is closer to the operational pulse of the company. The company now reports quarterly environmental goals and results, just as it always does with revenue, expenses, and production volumes.

Notable News
- Some states are urging the U.S. EPA to delay implementing new GHG regulation because they fear it will overwhelm them with paper work and slow construction projects.
- Walmart competitors in Canada, like Home Depot, Staples and others, agree to attend Walmart's Green Business Summit.

Upcoming Events
- Free Feb 2 webinar: Hear a case study of News Corp using Hara software to manage carbon and energy data, including what drove the business case and lessons learned. Click here to register.
- Upcoming Spring Conference: Look for information soon about the Groom Energy ECA conference being held in Boston this April.

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