Thursday, March 25, 2010

14 Things Every Employee Can Do To Be Sustainable

Earth Day (April 22) is right around the corner and many companies are once again finalizing corporate programs for this annual event. Earth Day 2010 marks its 40th anniversary. We have found companies have tried a wide variety of activities to increase awareness and to change behavior with employees and often use Earth Day as a kick-off event. The NRDC and Garrison Institute recently published a list of 14 specific activities that employees can do at home and at work (such as carpooling and reducing household energy). The paper also quantifies the total emission reduction potential if all individuals in the US took these measures. We would add two things to this list. One, understand the top 2 drivers of GHG emissions at your company (e.g. process emissions or electricity), as most employees can't name the top emission drivers. Two, talk with 3 other employees about sustainability, since peer-to-peer evangelicalism is the most effective communication vehicle.

What is your company doing for Earth Day?

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