Friday, June 25, 2010

Briefing Summary: CA Technologies. EPA Portfolio Mgr Integration, New Customers

CA Technologies (formerly CA) recently provided us a briefing update on new product capabilities and a number of new customers. They announced new features for their flagship Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA) product called CA ecoSoftware. New features include bi-directional integration with EPA Portfolio Manager (CA Technologies’ can be system or record or read-only application) and enhanced reporting with CDP, GRI and CRC. For companies with US facilities, we see tremendous value with EPA Portfolio Manager and see this as a leadership step for CA Technologies.

CA Technologies continues to close deals, especially with customers who value energy reduction, including data centers. Announced new customers include Logicalis, 1500 person provider of ICT solutions and is apart of $4.2B Datatec Ltd. CA Technologies has a nice video case study of its win with Tesco.

Differentiation lies in the breadth of solution (carbon reporting to device monitoring), global size and scope, energy management especially for datacenters and initiatives/program alignment with goals, and integration.

CA Technologies continues to be a very credible vendor in this area for straight forward carbon reporting needs as well as comprehensive enterprise carbon, sustainability and energy management.

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