Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Briefing Update: Climate Earth – Practical Business Examples for Scope 3 Data

We had an enlightening recent update with Climate Earth (CE). Climate Earth is a software, data and services company that helps a company identify its largest carbon opportunities for reduction and revenue enhancement, with a particular emphasis on scope 3 emissions. In addition to proprietary software and expertise, Climate Earth maintains a proprietary database of product emission data.

CE shared two exciting customer case studies which utilize Scope 3 carbon data for revenue enhancement and cost savings. The first is Webcor Builders, a $1.5B full service general contractor and the largest commercial builder on west coast. Webcor is using the CE offering to enhance and differentiate Webcor core value proposition of designing and building green buildings. The CE offering calculates a full carbon footprint for a proposed building, including emissions from material use. The offering allows Webcor to collaborate with suppliers and show its client the emissions variances of different material mixes (cement, glass, etc.). These are new capabilities that Webcor uniquely offers clients and help to increase competitive differentiation.

The other customer case example is on the procurement side. CE is assisting PG&E, a large CA utility, to identify the largest carbon emission goods and services in its $6B purchases of things like transmission lines, telephone pools, and trucks. The immediate project goal is to prioritize purchased categories which have highest carbon impact.

One emerging insight is that the largest carbon hotspots may not be with tier 1 suppliers or in the largest spend areas.

CE most direct competitor was Planet Metrics which was acquired by PTC. Consultants using traditions tools such as spreadsheets and labor are the most common competitors to CE.

The CE offering is an exciting development in the emerging area of helping companies cost effective identify its largest carbon hotspots, which usually are in Scope 3.

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