Friday, March 4, 2011

EPA (Part 98) GHG Reporting Solution Starting at $5K/yr from ESC

Focused software solutions for EPA Part 98 are emerging in the marketplace. We recently had a briefing update with Environmental Systems Corp (ESC). ESC is the industry leader in providing software air emissions compliance solutions to the electric utility industry and has been expanding its offerings in response to the U.S. EPA Mandatory GHG Reporting (Part 98). This best-of-breed solution solves the problem of compliance reporting and record keeping through a cloud-based/SaaS offering and starts at an affordable $5K per year. ESC has over 650 power plants using its stack monitoring solution and over 100 companies using CIMVision for EPA Part 98 Reporting. The demo showed CIMVision to be easy to configure and tailor to company-specific requirements. This is a great example of a vertically-specific solution for greenhouse gas management.
Here is a screen shot:

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