Thursday, June 30, 2011

4 Tools to Better Understand the Enterprise Smart Grid

Based on trends in the market and with our customers, we launched four tools to help you better understand the opportunities associated with Enterprise Smart Grid.

The Enterprise Smart Grid is the integration of sub-metering, software and hardware to manage and reduce corporate energy costs. These applications vary widely across verticals and often include multiple vendors. Companies have told us repeatedly about the need for more case studies and ways to better understand the vendor landscape.

The new tools are:

1. an informative website that defines and highlights the burgeoning market and its promise.

2. Free white paper

3. A conference on Nov. 2 in Boston to share case studies

4. Upcoming vendor landscape report (to be release in the fall)

Adoption is increasing for six reasons:

- Companies need a more comprehensive approach to reduce energy costs as companies expect energy prices to begin to rise as the economy recovers
- Senior management has more comfort level with demand response programs and want better visibility and control
- Managers want to participate in more utility rebate programs, as well as custom utility rebates for behavior changes, which often require more measurement and verification
- Companies need to reduce energy intensity in response to questions from top customers (e.g., Walmart and Procter & Gamble) and investors
- More companies are adding corporate energy managers focused on tracking and reducing energy consumption
- Companies need to retain behavioral changes in the face of employee turnover by tracking usage systematically
- More utilities recognize the need to not just focus on reliability and efficiency, but to also focus on the intelligent balance of supply and demand

Join the conversation: send us feedback. share comments on the website, or join us in November for the conference.

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