Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Conclusions of Deloitte Survey about Energy Goals Seem High

A recent Deloitte survey concluded that "90% of companies have set goals regarding electricity and energy management practices."  This seems high to us and is not consistent with what we are seeing in the market.

This may be perhaps to survey respondent selection (perhaps more heavy industry) or due the question formulation.  The summary states later that "49% reporting formal goals, compared to 45% in the 2011," which seems more realistic.

In our work and research with companies, we continue to find that many companies lack a corporate energy management program and process (assigned corporate leader, executive sponsor, metrics, tools, etc.).   More companies are aware of the total, corporate energy spend (and its growth rate), but energy ownership, goals and accountability remain lacking in many organizations.  Companies, even large well-known ones, have plenty of opportunity to realize the benefits from a refined, corporate energy management program that emphasizes operational and behavior improvements, smart procurement, use of demand response and incentives, and intelligent upgrades to facilities and equipment.

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