Friday, October 5, 2012

New Report: Buyers' Guide to Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA)/Sustainability Software. 5 ECA Leaders Named.

This week we released an update to our report to help companies better understand the software market for Enterprise Carbon Accounting and Sustainability software. This is the fifth version of this report and we appreciate all the great feedback over the years.   We analyzed 75+ vendors, had 30 vendor briefings and interviewed 26 companies who are planning to or recently purchased ECA software. 

Here are the major report highlights:
- Companies like Adidas Sporting Goods,Citi, London Stock Exchange, Microsoft, and others continue to purchase ECA/Sustainability software.   
- We estimate that over 600 purchases were made globally by large organizations over the last two years, but this is lower than forecast in our Q1 2011 report.
- The market growth has slowed (we estimate 20-30% growth going forward) and average selling prices have fallen.
- The trend toward enterprise energy management is still in its infancy in terms of software purchases and most companies are looking for immediate help with sustainability needs.
- The top two drivers for purchase are survey requests from top customers and enhanced company/brand image.
- Many vendors offer a basic, ECA/Sustainability software, but leaders were distinguished by sales wins and commitment to sustainability.  Based on our methodology, we named 5 ECA Leaders. They are: CarbonSystems, CA Technologies, Credit360, Enablon, and PE International.  Congrats to the leaders! 

To purchase the report (USD $795 for individual license or USD $995 for organizational license) or to read an excerpt, click here.

Also join us for a webinar on October 16 to review the report highlights.

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