Friday, March 1, 2013

55% Energy Reduction, Really? Yes - the Power of LED and On-Bill Financing

LED Lighting with Controls
Atlas Box and Crating, a Groom Energy customer, cut its energy use by half and was able to take advantage of on-bill financing from the local utility.

Using multiple technologies (upgrades to lighting, compressed air, and other technologies), Atlas Box reduced the total energy consumption at its two manufacturing locations by 1.25 million kilowatt-hours - 55% of its total energy consumption. Much of this savings is generated by the use of LED lighting with controls.

Not only do these projects provide a strong financial return but they also allow Atlas Box to reduce its carbon emissions, which is important to its top customers like EMC who encourage suppliers to become more sustainable.

The local utility, National Grid, provided on-bill financing which enabled the company to avoid using its capital dollars for the upgrades.

These projects demonstrate the power of new technology to drive large energy savings with strong financial returns.

If you would like to learn more, join us for a case study with Atlas Box representatives on March 12 at 2p EST. Register here.

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