Monday, July 8, 2013

Highlights of Greenbiz/Groom Energy Survey of Corporate Energy Managers

This spring we worked with Greenbiz to develop a online survey to better understand the emerging role of corporate energy managers. 158 companies responded, 63% with revenues greater than $1 billion.

Some survey highlights:
  • More companies have a dedicated energy manager at the corporate level. This mirrors the trend of adding of corporate sustainability leaders that started several years ago
  • Energy efficiency and energy management are the top priorities (over energy procurement and renewables)
  • The two most common key performance indicators (KPI) tracked by senior management are energy intensity by facility (54%) and overall energy cost year to date compared to previous year or budget (45%)
  • More CFOs are becoming involved, but energy management is not a priority for CFO at 38% of reporting companies 
  • 18% of companies plan on investing in additional software for plants and facilities this year. 23% indicated they will purchase software to monitor and manage energy at their facilities for the first time this year
  • The awareness of different vendor solutions remains low, with no single vendor mentioned by more than 31% of respondents
Read more about about survey results here.

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