Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"I want my solar" - what do you mean 20 yr ROI ?

At a client meeting this week with a Fortune 500 firm, the client shared the barrage of questions (and perhaps even pressure) to have a solar or wind project by the employee base and perhaps even some senior managers. "Why can't we put a windmill at headquarters with solar panels all over the corporate campus?"

This seems to reflect the early state of this market as a large segment of the population is now interested in conservation and climate friendly activities, and, assume, perhaps naturally, that solar and wind are just logical projects a company should do. As many know, the financial returns, particularly on solar are 10-20 years in many cases, even with rebates, etc.

"I want my solar" is faddish.

We need to channel this enthusiasm via education into behaviors that do reduce energy usage.

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