Wednesday, January 9, 2008

OpenEco Energy Camp 2008, sponsored by Sun Microsystems

Tomorrow I attend "OpenEco Energy Camp" sponsored by Sun in San Francisco. This is an "open source" effort by Sun to evangelize best practice sharing and to build a community to refine open-source GHG reporting software and best practices.

Organizers expect over 300 people to attend.

Speakers include
  • Dave Douglas, VP of Eco Responsibility at Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  • L. Hunter Lovins, President and Founder of Natural Capitalism, Inc.
  • Ted Nordhaus, Chairman of The Breakthrough Institute
  • Michael Shellenberger, President of The Breakthrough Institute
  • Adam Werbach, Founder and CEO of Act Now
  • Special Eco Short Film Presentation facilitated by Sharon Badal, Short Film Programmer for the Tribeca Film Festival and Tom Feegel, Founder and Principal of Brand Neutral

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