Monday, June 8, 2009

Verisae is Issued Patent on GHG Emission Tracking. Impact Unknown

Verisae announced receiving patent for GHG emission tracking. Here is link to patent and below is their press release.

As with many of these business process patents, the initial impact is unknown, but Verisae does have a potential weapon to slow competitive sales cycles as they ask prospects to consider if they are buying software that is no infringing on their patent.

This situation should be monitored by vendors and customers. When I worked at e-commerce software Open Market, we were (incredibly) issued patents for shopping baskets. While Open Market is no longer around, the patents very much are and have learned millions in licensing fees, thus showing the power of process patents.

We'll watch and see if competitors feel need to buy a license from Verisae. Stay tuned.

Richard Mendis from Clear Standards/SAP alerted us to the patent issued to Chicago Climate Exchange.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Tracking Patent #7440871 Issued to Verisae, Inc.

The GHG emissions tracking patent was issued on October 21st, 2008.

MINNEAPOLIS, June 3rd, 2009 -- Verisae, a supplier of Sustainability On-Demand™ software solutions, publicly announced issuance of U.S. patent number 7440871 for their invention, technical methods of implementation, and delivery of a web-based system for tracking and reporting Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Their emissions tracking patent was issued on October 21st, 2008.

Verisae empowers global organizations to achieve superior standards of energy efficiency and to provide a return on investment for emissions management and reporting. By following the methods and systematic approach developed by Verisae, customers will reap financial rewards and prove themselves as sustainable organizations.

"We have a multi-site, client-centric approach and cost structure and are in a unique position to help organizations prove ROI on Greenhouse Gas inventory, management and reporting," commented Paul Hepperla, VP of Sustainability Solutions. "Using our methods and processes, we are providing organizations with a verifiable carbon baseline, detailed energy management options, and a comprehensive corporate sustainability action plan.”

Verisae’s comprehensive patent relates to methods and systems of tracking enterprise gas emissions such as Greenhouse Gases (GHGs). The solutions presented relate to collecting or entering of data relating to one or more emissions sources of an enterprise or an enterprise location, automatically calculating emissions totals, and generating emissions reports.

Verisae provides more than corporate sustainability management and consulting. They enable global organizations to reduce their total cost of ownership with sustainability as a main driver. Through their web-based software applications, they provide data-driven knowledge that allows for informed decision making.

Verisae ( provides On Demand Sustainability™ software solutions for global enterprises to measure, monitor, and manage their sites, the distributed assets in those sites, energy use, and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Verisae provides services including energy surveys and analysis, real time energy monitoring, and Active Energy Response™ enablement. As a core service, Verisae creates software to help medium to large enterprises focus on operational efficiency, sustainability, and lean operations through an on-demand web-based platform that can be implemented quickly and efficiently from a regional to a global scale. Verisae is a leading supplier of clean technology software with offices in the US, UK and Asia. Verisae was named to Inc. Magazines 500 Fastest Growing private companies in 2008.

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Greg Kelly Carbon Credits said...

Hi Paul - Like your blogs.
Have a colleague in Vermont who is a farmer sequestering carbon into his topsoil. Verifying the numbers is a somewhat inexact science - in fact he is looking for funding to get the whole concept more rigourously assessed. If the Verisae group can track emissions what are they like at sequestration rates?

The numbers are exciting and justify a look. There is more C in topsoil than all of the earths plants and atmosphere combined. The only larger reservoir is the oceans. Adding C to soil enhances fertility and a number of other positive biological indicators - moisture retention etc, adding C to the oceans creates acidity.

The numbers are of a scale that could arrest atmospheric carbon level increases. Check out Prof Rattan Lal at Ohio State University, Dr Christine Jones (Australia)and the Carbon Farmers of America or Carbon Farmers of Australia.

My goal is to get the profile of soil carbon up to the point where it seriously enters the carbon debate - unlike the status it currently has on the CCX - WHich imposed a presciptive model based formula that doesn't reflect the science and reality of carbon capture in soil. Hence is not driving expansion of R&D or adoption.

Greg Kelly