Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Notes from Catch-up with Clear Standards

I recently had an opportunity to catch-up with Richard Mendis, currently Chief Marketing Officer at Clear Standards which was recently purchased by SAP. Richard has been crazy busy with since the announcement of the acquisition, but things sound like they are going well. Some notes
- SAP is keeping the Clear Standards' team in place and adding resources in key areas
- SAP brings a tremendous amount of customer access and leads. Clear Standards team is ramping rapidly with sales organization.
- Richard and his team are working closely with SAP Sustainability Marketing group in Silicon Valley
- SAP has done impressive job with internal sustainable efforts and its CSR report

I suspect that the on-demand, multi-tenant experience and offering of Clear Standards will be welcomed within SAP as SAP continues to make progress in offering a hosted, non-premise-based option. Even with existing SAP deployments, the Clear Standards on-demand solution may be a valuable tool because it can easily automate the collection of energy data from world-wide facilities and operations (since one only needs a browser to access) as organizations calculate their worldwide corporate footprint. Many extremely large organizations do not have SAP deployed globally to all countries, especially for countries in which they have a small number of facilities or employees.

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