Friday, July 10, 2009

Survey on Best Practices for Employee Engagement for Sustainability

Engaging Employees on Sustainability

Employee engagement is an essential part of any organization's sustainability investment portfolios. Initiatives vary widely and may include many of the following: awareness programs (posters, etc.), idea competitions, trash audits, education programs, and employee "green teams". Successful programs lower carbon emissions, energy use, and waste; enhance employee morale; and improve organizational image, especially for employees who interact with customers. Programs also ensure organizations "walk the talk" when it comes to sustainability.

Employee "green teams" are a more common program in this area, and a number of companies have notable and exciting efforts including:
-Genentech has "Green Gene" employee program
-EMC runs Green Teams and Green Champions
-Clorox signed up 250 employees for its Eco-Network
-Raytheon Energy Citizen involved 12,000 employees
-Walmart has Personal Sustainability Projects (PSP)
-Read Symantec's presentation on green teams

Take Our Survey on Employee Engagement Best Practices and Receive a Free Summary

If you're interested in employee engagement, please take our 10 minute survey (which has an emphasis on Green Teams). Participants will receive a 5 page summary of the results (individual responses are not publicly shared). The summary enables you to see how your organization compares to others and to learn what is working well and less well in other programs. Click here to take the survey.

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Anonymous said...

My company is very interested in this subject. Is the summary available? The survey is closed, but could you make the questions available?

Lea Lupkin
EnergyClimate Solutions