Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mixed Reactions to Cap-n-Trade Bill Passed by House

Last Friday, the US House of Representatives passed a landmark bill to regulate, among other things, Greenhouse Gas emissions. While the bill still needs to pass the Senate and secure Presidential signature before becoming law, the passage in the House has intensified the cap-n-trade debate. A few viewpoints:
- "Just Do It" opinion from Tom Friedman, NY Times
- Supportive editorial from NY Times
- Weak but good first step opinion in Mother Jones
- Bundle of compromises article in the Economist
- Bill won't deliver jobs editorial in Detroit Free Press

In related news, California has delayed a decision on implementing a state-wide carbon fee. RGGI, the regional cap-n-trade system in New England, recently completed it's 4th auction of carbon allowances and raised USD $104M. These regional cap-n-trade auctions have collectively raised USD $366M since last fall.

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