Monday, September 21, 2009

Thanks to All for Great Events Last Week

Thank you everyone who made the two events last week successful. 60 attended our Walmart Supplier Readiness workshop on Wednesday, and 165 attended our Greening the Supply Chain conference. The events were great educational and networking opportunities.

Both events offered many highlights. One was Gary Hirshberg's keynote on Thursday morning (listen to excerpt here). He is a true pioneer, visionary, and leader, with an infectious passion. A few of highlights from his presentation:
- If you do the right thing, that’s another kind of advertising
- Recycling is the failure on our part to have reduced or reused
- There is a carbon footprint to recycling that we need to be honest about
- The earth is not a subsidiary of our economies
- Supply chains are everything. The whole game is Scope 3

A few event pix below.

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