Wednesday, September 29, 2010

5 Reasons For EPA Climate Leaders to Joining TCR

Denise Sheehan, the new executive director of The Climate Registry (TCR), provides five reasons for EPA Climate Leaders to joining TCR after the canceling of the EPA program:

1. Leverage your existing investment in EPA Climate Leaders by building on your existing greenhouse gas (GHG) data and public goal setting with the TCR program. Access TCR's expert training, tools and technical support.
2. Increase credibility with investors by measuring and verifying that your carbon footprint is in line with high quality, international standards.
3. Increase the confidence of your CFO as she or he assesses climate risk for the purposes of reporting to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Provide your CFO with real, accurate data about your carbon risks.
4. Enhance your company's image with customers, employees and NGOs. Use TCR's high quality reporting standards and have real data to back up your leadership claims.
5. Save time with one-stop shop reporting by disclosing your global company emissions, as well as North America emissions, to TCR to measure your progress over time.

Contact TCR for more information. If you are attending EPA Annual Event next week, let others know on this website.

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