Monday, October 31, 2011

Great Questions for Enterprise Smart Grid Conference this Week

The following questions were submitted by attendees during online registration for a our Enterprise Smart Grid conference this week.

ISO 50001
- What are the benefits of ISO 50001 and the business case for investing money and time?
- What is the effort for ISO 50001? Why bother? Do CEOs care about this?
- Where is ISO 50001 being adopted?
- How are ISO 140001 and 50001 certifications related?
- We are implementing a global ISO 14001 program instead of certifying each building. Is this common approach for ISO 50001? What if we only did ISO 50001 for one building? - Is it better to invest in LEED-EBOM or ISO 50001 in 2012, as we can’t do both?

Submetering / Real-time monitoring
- How are companies using submetering to bill individual departments or groups to incent behavior change?
- How are firms using real-time monitoring across multiple facilities? What is the ROI?
- Where is submetering working well, especially for labs and datacenters?

Project Prioritization
- How are other large companies prioritizing investments in this tight economy?

Financing / Demand Response
- What types of energy efficiency projects are utilities providing the most incentives for over the next 18 months? How will new FERC orders affect Demand Response?
- What financial incentives are we likely missing?

Senior Management / Project Justification
- Does senior management really care about energy efficiency?
- How are other companies overcoming common hurdles for project approval?

Energy Management Software, BMS, IT, Data
- How are firms using energy management software? What are differences among utility bill management, energy management, carbon, procurement, and submetering software?
- Is it better to have one system for carbon, energy, etc. or multiple systems?
- BMS systems are for comfort, not energy management. But, how can they support energy management program?

- We simply don’t have the staff or IT skills to deal with all this new data and software. How are other firms getting value from these new technologies?

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