Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Firm Discuss Pros and Cons of ISO 50001 at Conference

We had a very productive and interactive half-day seminar today on ISO 50001. Over 80 people discussed the detailed requirements and the business case for ISO 50001 in seminar lead by DEKRA, one of the early certification bodies.

Many takeaways, but some are
- ISO is descriptive, not prescriptive; i.e, ISO focuses on documents the process, but doesn't tell organizations what the goals should be.
- Unlike ISO, DOE SEP is prescription, not descriptive
- Multi-site ISO 50001 is still being studied, as it's a sampling strategy and initial ISO 50001 standard did not consider all issues of multi-site certification
- Another ISO program looking at commercial building (G-SEP)
- ISO 50001 has similar approach as ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 9001 (quality)

It's very clear that the standard is new and promising. Early adopters are helping drive success cases.

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iso 50001 said...

Already there are over 100 organisations certified to this new energy management standard. Companies such as Pfizer, Abbott, the Tyndall Institute and Diageo have been certified by the only accredited body in UK Certification Europe